Lahtitude offers Geographic IT solutions
using open source technologies

Everything has a location

40% of all data is spatial. Are you making full use of this?
Let us bring out the extra dimensions from your data.

Tailor-made applications

Responsive web maps, native apps, or geodata services
– we make applications that suits your needs.

Open Source – because it's best

In a quickly changing world we need to constantly re-evaluate our toolbox. That's why we take help of thousands of other developers.

Applications as a service

We believe updates, installations and maintainance should be taken care of behind the scenes. That's why we offer applications as a service as the first option.

Recent projects

Sustainable Map

The nonprofit organisation Sustainable Nepal has given Lahtitude the honour of developing a map which contributes to a more sustainable world. After registering on the site, anyone can add markers representing activities or achievements which contribute to a sustainable development. The map is built on Leaflet and Bootstrap for the client-side and ElasticSearch and PostGIS on the server-side.

Cloudberry maps

Create maps without installing anything – without writing a single line of code. Cloudberry maps is an online service where you can create maps – from the most advanced to the most simple. All you need is a WMS- or WFS-service.
No installations, no updates and no maintainance to worry about. Welcome to a smarter way of hosting your maps.

Travel comparator (Resejämföraren)

Lunds kommun (Sweden) requested Lahtitude to develop their product Resejämföraren, previously developed on their own. We took the challenge and the result was a success. The product is now being used by municipalities all over Sweden. The application shows alternative travel routes using bike, walk, car or public transportation. Let us know if you want your own implementation, trailor-made for your organisation.


The U.K. based company Travpad ltd thought of offering a smarter way of planning and sharing your holiday trips. Therefore, they based their site around a map where anyone can share their newly dicovered travel destinations or their local tourist spots. Due to the complexity of the site – in combination with the geographic focus – they required skilled developers who master both IT and GIS. Lahtitude could offer them this. Thanks to their passion and clear goal, their site was released in 2012 – helping travellers to explore the World already from the couch.

Error reporting (Felanmälan)

Many companies and customers want a solution which solves the immediate issue or task. Therefore, Sweden today has many apps which does more or less the same thing. One example is error reporting (Swedish: Felanmälan). Sweden has 290 municipalities. Instead of offering one app for each municipality – why not make one app for all? After all, when crossing the municipality border we don't want to download a new app! So Lahtitude developed Felanmälan kommuner . The app knows where you are located and sends the error report (along with a photo) to the intersecting municipality's contact email.

Online editing

Lahtitude has long experience of a online editing, dealing with login and security. A common way to implement geodata editing is though the standard WFS-T, which makes it easy to connect to all types of databases connected to a WFS service. Sometimes, however, it is better to implement tailor-made API:s. Lahtitude has developed online editing for waste companies and other institutions in the municipalities. We can offer tailor-made applications that suits your specific needs.